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Garden Wise with Arlena Past Segments

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Magic of Terra Nova”  09/19/2008 - 10/10/2008

Dan Heims owner of Terra Nova Nurseries takes Arlena and the Garden Wise viewers on a tour that can only be described as Eye Candy.

Wandering through the display gardens of Terra Nova in Canby Oregon, Dan shares with Arlena his passion for breeding Color and Texture that we as Gardeners love so much.

Fleeting Beauty and Cone Flowers

Arlena shows the Garden Wise viewers some of the blooming trees and bushes that are only in color for a short time.

Next Arlena has a friend give some Medicinal history of the cone flower and Arlena plants a cone flower garden.

Cone Flower plants provided by Sooner Plant Farm.

Great River Organic Milling 

Arlena gets an exclusive tour of one of the oldest and most historic Organic milling companies in Wisconsin and receives a lesson in organics.                streaming video coming soon

BLU WOOD                                                                                                        03-12-2008


Arlena gives Garden wise a glimpse into the process of coating lumber with the color of protection. Read more on the BLU WOOD page.

Flowers Have Meaning       


There are many reasons to give flowers. On this episode Arlena tells you the meanings behind the different flowers and their colors.


Then Arlena takes a trip to the Independence Child Care Center to talk with Mary Woychik and make cookies with the children.

"Holiday Spice House"



Arlena takes Garden wise with Arlena’s viewers on a tour of The Spice House in down town Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Kate who is a 3rd generation spice merchant, is very knowledgeable about the spices that her and her family have been selling in their store and loves to share what she knows with us just in time for all the holiday baking.


“Spice Up the Harvest”

Arlena is joined by her husband Steve Schott who is usually seen playing a guitar or doing a building project. Together they share some of their favorite late summer treats.

Steve cooks for us his famous Pickled Jalapeños that are spicy and full of wonderful Flavor. Arlena roasts some chilies and stuffs them with Wisconsin Jack Cheese and then prepares a colorful spicy salsa.                                                                 


"Hunt For the Hen of the Woods"

Garden Wise with Arlena is guided by Jason Seekamp and Steve Schott through the woods of Central Wisconsin to find a wonderful treat. The Hen of the Woods mushroom as we like to call it or the real name is Maitake Mushroom.


Our hunt leads us into the dark of the woods to search for some decaying oak stumps.

 As Jason explains the mushrooms may look like they are growing at the base of a live tree but there is more than likely a dead root that they are growing on under the surface.


Resembling a mass of feathers gives these tasty treats there nick name Hen of the Woods.


After a bountiful day and finding over 15 of the beauties ,some as big as 18” across we head back to the Garden Wise Kitchen to cook up our tasty treat.


Jason prefers to cook the mushrooms with a little egg wash and coating of cracker crumbs then fried until a little tender. Adding that the mushrooms taste like steak.

 "The Hosta"           

Watch as Arlena prepares and plants a Garden Wise Hosta Garden.

The beautiful Hosta can add a soft flow to any of your projects.

Products for this show were provided by New Hampshire Hosta, Miracle Grow and Fiskars.

For copies of this show please email

St. Croix
 a winery created in the image of a European estate........
 Who would have guessed that
Wisconsin's Saint Croix Falls, a village rich with a history of its own, would become home for a captivating ménage of European essences from the 16th and 18th centuries.
 Towering over the valley and guarded by two proud stone lions, Chateau St. Croix greets you with an 18th century courtyard and a stack stone castle that's fashioned after the Chateau De Series of
Burgundy, France, complete with vineyards, carriage house, stables and fish pond.   


“Flowers and Chocolates”

 Spring is slowly creeping into Wisconsin. Tulips and Daffodils will soon be in full bloom.
On this episode of Garden Wise with Arlena , Arlena shows you how to keep your fresh cut flowers beautiful.

 growersbox .com sent  Arlena some beautiful cut Tulips and Daffodils  to work with on the show.

Arlena also shows the viewers several ways to display those fresh Daffodils and Tulips that is sure to bring a touch of Spring into your home.


Spring also brings out the Summer Flowering bulbs.
Arlena  explains the best ways to select the healthiest bulbs that will insure the best possible summer blooms.

Swan Island Dahlias from Canby Oregon is the Nations leading Dahlia Breeder . Swan Island sent Arlena some Dahlia tubers to demonstrate with on the show.


A day with flowers is a good day. Add to that Chocolates from Gayety’s Chocolates from Chicago and you have a GREAT day. Arlena shows off the chocolates sent to her from Chicago’s leading Chocolate Company.

This segment is sure to add a little Spring Pizzazz to your day !          


 Watch as Sherry, the  head cook at the Norske Nook in Osseo Wisconsin and Arlena ,cook up a traditional meal that included Lutefisk, Rutabagas , Frukt Suppe and Rømmegrøt .



~A Flower A Day Keeps The Blues Away~

Through out Europe ,flowers are sent and displayed on a daily basis not just for holidays .Arlena shows you the different meanings of the colors of Roses as well as the different types of flowers to give every.


Arlena also shares some great information on were those beautiful flowers come from and how the J W Perry Company in Wisconsin ,takes great care to insure that you get the longest life possible out of your cut flowers.


~ Celebrating The Holidays ~ 

Arlena enjoys decorating for the holidays and shares some tips that are sure to make a splash at your party.

Kirkland’s home decorations along with Bronner’s sponsored the segment.

Arlena also shares a few of her secrets to putting together festive and different gift baskets from some of the most unusual sources.


You can read more about the companies that participated in this segment on the December Issue online page.

10 Things That Make Christmas FUN!



~ Christmas Traditions ~

We all enjoy reliving family traditions from year to year.

Arlena visits with Gwen from Fountain City Wisconsin who has taken her families tradition of making Lefse and turned it into a family business.

Lefse Time was started a little over two years ago and Gwen still loves getting together with her family to make Lefse and send a part of her families tradition around the world.


Demi-Jo of Kids Corner team up with her Nephew Trent, her friend Emma and Gingerbread Traditions, to start a new tradition of building a Gingerbread house.



~ A Teddy Bear Christmas ~

On Garden Wise with Arlena, Arlena takes the viewers to Alma Center Wisconsin to visit The Teddy Bear Christmas Tree Farm.

Mr. Bratz started growing the trees over 15 years ago and now enjoys getting out in the cool fresh air during the holidays to harvest the trees he has spent so much time caring for.

Then Arlena is  off to the Chippewa Valley were Kohel Power Equipment and Clear Channel Radio has teamed up to bring the meaning of Christmas to some Children that deserve a gift under their Christmas Tree.

~Fanny Hill and their Pumpkin Festival ~
Fanny hill is renound for its wonderful Dinner Theatre. Come with Arlena as she follows Fanny Hill through the process of putting together the Pumpkin Festival. Fall 2006. Showcase by Fanny Hill. Read the whole story  in our September/October issue.
~Fall Makeover.
Late fall can be a great time to make over a spot in your garden or even your whole yard.
Watch as Arlena does a fall makeover using all those wonderful ornamental grasses and easy to take care of Globe Arborvitae.The project was done for the Gundersons in Osseo Wisconsin.


Rock On !
Showcase by Red Flint Rock and Stone.

"Using Rock and Mulch in the landscape can be confusing.
Red Flint Rock and Stone makes all your decisions easy.
Read more in our September/October issue of
Garden Wise with Arlena magazine.

~ Taste the Harvest ~
Arlena takes you downtown in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to taste the harvest of fall.
The farmers market on Water Street is a-buzz with vendors proudly displaying their harvest.
Arlena is then in for a treat at Sanford Restaurant where Sanford D'Amato, renowned chef and
owner, shows her how his chefs prepare the best that the season has to offer.

We all have done our fair share of window shopping.  Next Arlena takes you to George Watts,
a place where eye candy is served on a daily basis.

Arlena wraps up the show with a trip to Stein Garden and Gifts to see what colors we can add
for the fall season.

"Vernon Vineyards "    


Nestled in the rolling hills of Vernon County, Wisconsin, is a place where two men put their heads together to build a place where the Grape is the star - Vernon Vineyards. 
Arlena takes the Garden Wise viewers on a trip to the vineyard.    

Get a copy of the show and read the feature article about Vernon Vineyards  in the September/October issue of Garden Wise - Living Wise with Arlena magazine.              

Treasures in Milwaukee, Wisconsin   

Part 1

Arlena takes a trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to tour
the Brumder Mansion and make pumpkin pancakes with
Carol Herschi, the owner of this beautiful old home.
To get the complete recipe for Carol's Pumpkin Pancakes go to
the Brumder Mansion page on our web site and watch for the Spring  issue of our magazine for a complete
feature on the Brumder Mansion and its colorful hosts

While in Milwaukee, Arlena
also made a stop at Villa Terrace and strolled through their Renaissance Gardens. 

Watch for Treasures of Milwaukee Wisconsin - Part 2
All of our over night stays in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are made possible by Brumder Mansion. 
Thank you, Carol and all your four legged friends.

 Gardening Out West

Arlena just returned from a trip to Fallon, Nevada, were she visited with
Rob Holly,
who is the supervisor for the Lahonton State Recreation Area.

Mr. Holly shared with us the history of the Lahonton Dam and some
interesting facts on the Truckee Carson Irrigation system.

Arlena also visited with Rick Lattin at his farm in Fallon, Nevada,
where he grows raspberries and a
 long list
of other vegetables for his
road-side market.

For more information about Lattin Farms please log on to the web site.



Shade Trees And Lilies  We beat the heat of summer by planting some of the
fastest growing and hardiest shade trees.  Lillies are in full bloom and on
Garden Wise with Arlena we have a parade of color.

Digging Into The Past Arlena visits the Schaefer Family Farm in Whitehall, Wisconsin, during the 2006 University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley archaeology field school dig.

The Legacy of the Iris  The old favorite has changed her face many times throughout the years. Arlena takes you on a tour of the beautiful Schreiners Iris Gardens in Salem, Oregon.
Showcase by  Schreiners Iris Gardens.                                

Kitchen Kleen Potatoes   A road trip to Rice Lake, Wisconsin, gives Arlena a whole new respect for the potato farmer.  Showcase by Nuto Farms.

From The Ground Up  Garden Wise with Arlena takes you to the beautiful valley of Waumandee, Wisconsin, to show you how "COWSMO" compost is produced. Showcased by Rosenhom Wolfe Dairy Farm.


A Flower a Day Keeps the Blues Away  Arlena takes a road trip to Merill, Wisconsin, and visits JW Perry, a wholesale florist that believes flowers should be a part of everyday life.

 The Perfect Fungus  Arlena shows the viewers how simple and fun growing mushrooms indoors can be with a mushroom kit. 
Showcased by Gardeners Supply.

 Signs Of Spring   Arlena takes a trip to Gathje's Green House in Hixton, Wisconsin, to see how the spring plants are growing for our planting season.


 Growing Mushrooms Indoors: the perfect fungus  
    Showcase by Gardeners Supply Company  For more information see the Growing Mushroom page.

Forcing Away the Winter Blues - Showcase by Easy to Grow Bulbs