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                            Garden Wise Living with Arlena                

Helgason Project part one:

Helgason Project part 2:


Part one

Part Two

Part 3

Garden Wise Living Episode

"Fall Treasure Hunt "

"Recapture your Landscape" 1, 2 and 3



Garden Wise Living's Changing Faces of the Family Farm #2

Part 1                                              Part 2

This episode is "New year Feast"
Garden Wise Living shares some wonderful ways to celebrate the new year. 3 parts


"Changing Faces of the Family Farm " a 3 part Feature


Treasure Hunt in Duluth Minnesota part 2 of 3


Garden Wise Living with Arlena followed Ashley and Jason through
the process of planning a Fall Wedding, complete with Pumpkins,
Winter Squash and a Carriage Ride. Watch this Magical Fall Wedding.
3 part feature







"What's New For 2009"

In the Fall of 2009 Garden Wise living attended the Prince Fall buying show and
was treated to a tour of all the NEW for 2009 products Prince Carries for the  
Independent Garden Centers near you.


Garden Wise Living with Arlena "Ice Fishing in Wisconsin"

Winter is a special time for Garden Wise living.
Arlena takes you on a late winter Ice Fishing trip with family and friends

A three part feature.