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Coral Bells :Heuchera

Heuchera or Coral bells as they are called , for us down and dirty gardeners, are causing a lot of buzz this gardening season. Coral Bells are some of my favorite plants to use when I want a perennial that is Colorful as well as Hardy!


A company called Terra Nova Nurseries has made it there business to come up with the next splash and pizzazz for us gardeners.


Weather you are planning a new bed or renovating an existing bed. Make sure and include some of these awesome and colorful perennials.

Coral Bells will take full sun to part shade and do the best in well drained soil.

Make sure and add some good planting mix when you put them in and they will love you for years to come with little fuss.


Each plant grows to about 2 feet across and 12 to 18 inches tall depending on the soil conditions.
When you’re looking for just that certain color with out using blossom choose a Coral
Bell or 3 and 5…..and you will not be disappointed.


Here are just a few of Coral Bells colorful varieties.

For more Colors please go to


Electric Lime                         Sugar Plum NEW 2010

Ginger Peach                         Midnight Bayou