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                               Growing Mushrooms


Growing Mushrooms  indoors can be fun as well as delicious.

For the past few weeks Garden Wise Living has been taping a show to be aired in March called "The Perfect Fungus".

Showcasing on the show will be Harris Seed Company Mushroom Growing Kits.

Harris Seed sent us several different Mushroom kits to start and grow on the show. The varieties they sent us were Button and Portabella we were so excited to get the kits and with the easy instructions, in no time we were ready to get growing.

Button Mushrooms

The next mushroom to get growing came the Button mushrooms. As soon as these beauties start growing they never stop. We have fresh button mushrooms every night sliced in a salad. I have never seen such white and tasty mushrooms.          

Portabella Mushrooms                                                                                                                                              

My favorite has to be the Portabella mushrooms. The Portabellas seem to grow right in front of your eyes.

Our favorite recipe for cooking these beauties is to remove the stem and stuff them with a mixture of spinach (frozen or canned) drained and mixed with an Italian blend cheese. 

Then bake or grill the mushrooms just until the mushrooms are tender.


No mater which mushroom you decide to grow, they are all exciting to watch as well as eat.

When the snow is blowing out side we can get our hands dirty inside.

If you would like more information on growing mushrooms or seeing the show "The Perfect Fungus" please send us an email and I will send you some information.

 Happy Mushroom Growing

   and   Garden Wise