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 Water Gardening


Water Gardening has become one of the fastest growing hobbies in the gardening industry today.                                 

With all the new information and products out there, water gardening is not only fun but affordable.

Here are a few Garden Wise  tips when deciding on a water feature.

Decide were to place your water feature.

If you are spending all that time and money on a water feature, you will want to see as well as hear it.

Choose a place that is free of large trees and shrubs that may cause any problems to your ecosystem.

Leaves and twigs may add to the up keep of your system and starve the plants of needed sunlight.

Sit on the deck or where ever you would be viewing the water feature from and take notes of the angles and placement that would be best.

After deciding were you would like your water feature always call dig before starting. They will locate any under ground lines. This may help decide the placement of your feature.

Decide on the size and shape of your feature.

Space as well as money may play an important role in the decision of how big to build your water feature.

The size of the feature will also determine the Kit size you will need to purchase. The larger the feature the larger you will want the pump for your system.

Not only will the larger pump give you more water action, keeping the water moving and allowing the feature to stay cleaner, but also will determine the water sound.


Use a hose, rope or drop cord to see the shape.

Placing a hose or drop cord on the ground, will allow you to see the shape more easily and do any changes before starting to dig. Just remember the shape is not etched in stone. Changes along the way will and do happen, just let your imagination flow. The feature will look more natural.

Kit verses home made.

With so many companies out there selling water feature kits, it is a little mind boggling.

You will want to purchase a kit rather than try to piece together a system from your local hardware store.

Kits are designed to work as a unit. All pieces are included and assembly is made easy with step by step assembly directions and most companies have technical help lines for unforeseen problems along the way.


The Water Garden's
Tip of the Week

The bacteria in a biological filter converts ammonia to nitrites and nitrites to nitrates. In a water garden with plants the nitrates are used by the plants. In a koi pond, or other pond with few or no plants, the nitrates just continue to build up in the water. Nitrate is far less toxic than ammonia or nitrites, but if allowed to build up for too long it will present problems. At least every 3 to 5 weeks a partial (about 10 to 20%) water change is needed to reduce nitrate levels in fish ponds.

Water garden tip of the week provided by Water Garden News


Choosing the kit that is right for you can be overwhelming at times. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at

                                                                         1-715-985-3963 or email us with any questions