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Cathy Morning
04-15-2016 10:20:47 AM CST
Hi Arlena, I recently saw you with Judy Clark when you were working on Fairy Gardens. You had a terrarium on the show that looked like a mini hot house. I was wondering where you bought it as it was perfect for what I was looking for. Thanks Cathy

Rose Halopoff
03-31-2015 1:05:23 PM CST
Wow, cannot believe we just planted our vegies in 2015. Lots of tomatoes. Love the idea of dehydrating them. Looked at the dehydrators on your website and am enthused about buying one. I'm thinking about making the pumpkin butter as well. Thanks.

Rose Halopoff
06-11-2012 1:58:36 PM CST

Howdy, Arlena. It's summer 2012 and my corn, squash, cucumbers and tomatoes keep on growing. I am still using frozen whole tomatoes from last year's garden for my pasta dishes. Just bought a large package of sweet Italian sausages to add to my sauce. Have a great summer!

01-03-2012 2:37:15 PM CST

Hello every one and thank you for taking the time to write to me ... Yes I am sending shows I will take a peek and see were they are going? Rose hello yes we have snow here in Wisconsin and I am sure Californai is sunny ~Have a Happy New Year

Rose Halopoff
12-18-2011 7:07:12 PM CST

Howdy, Arlena. Wrote you this last July but December 18, 2011, is upon us and I wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. California is nice and crisp and we expect some rain today and tomorrow. You surely have snow in your area of the Country right now. Hopefully my health will be much better for spring gardening. I'm looking forward to lots of planting. Right now, we are savoring our Italian tomatoes which I used in my borsch yesterday. I make Russian molokan borsch taught to me by my inlaws. Our tomatoes are also used in our pasta but during winter I really enjoy all types of soups. I plan to learn the easy won ton soup as well.

Vesa Florin
12-10-2011 12:11:49 PM CST
Hello,my mother he like the garden art.And I want to give her a "miracoulous picture" about your garden.

10-05-2011 1:08:27 PM CST
Arlena, I was wondering if you are still sending out DVDs to Public Access Stations. We have not received one for awhile, and we like having you on. We are River Cities Community Access in Wisconsin Rapids. Thank You,Eileen

09-22-2011 3:04:48 AM CST
Rose Thank you so very much for the kind words . I love to do the show.Sharring what I have learned is my passion... Have a wonderful Fall Green Blessing Arlena

09-12-2011 12:43:20 PM CST
Hi Arlena, I'm hoping that you can help me.....I have a bird bath and can't keep it clean. Last year my husband put a very little javex in the water and this did keep it clean but because the water splashed out the leaves on the plants below fell off....the plants came back this year but I was wondering if there was something I could put into the water on a regular basis to keep it clean....

Rose Halopoff
07-26-2011 9:53:03 PM CST
Howdy, Arlena. What can I say? I'm in California but was also raised on a farm in the Bear Creek area in Merced County on the way to Yosemite. I have many wonderful childhood memories. I truly enjoy your website and there is lots to read up ahead. I love your videos where you interview farmers. I'm still looking at the feller that sells organic seeds as I plan to get some. Although I'm not back east, keep those videos coming as I plan to look at them as time goes on. I'm really impressed with all of your work.

05-11-2011 2:31:10 PM CST
We run from the Barn when we hear you are on, I love your cooking show.Barbara shame on you! Arlena dont listen to any one Girl you are wonderful and our family loves you!

05-11-2011 2:28:57 PM CST
I have watched your TV series many times and we make it a point to tape it . My family loves all your tips! Keep up the good work Judy from New York

09-19-2010 10:36:29 AM CST
Arlena, I saw your cooking show for the first time today and thought it was great. However, from now on when cooking would you please pull your hair back and not wear long sleeved tops as it all appeared to be falling into the food, which, as we all know is a turn off.

06-22-2010 3:07:52 PM CST
Hi Arlena would appreciate your response re the copper rainchains and their feature ? thanks and God bless.

12-18-2009 3:29:56 AM CST
Arlena seen your segment on channel 13 today. the baskets were awesome. That is such a beautiful idea, and would make great gifts. You are an awesome lady with so many ideas. Keep up the great work you do for your community.

12-17-2009 6:03:26 PM CST
Hey we had seen your segment on tv 13 today getting back to basics it was a very neat segment. I loved the using old cd's to make x mas gifts. Very creative. The choclate cake looked very yummy maybe you will have some to sample on friday??

11-19-2009 10:52:07 AM CST
Hello, On Wednesday, November 18th you were featured on WEAU and had a recipe for Turkey Enchiladas. I missed the actual recipe and cant locate it on or your website. Can you tell me how to find it. Thank you very much

John Foust
10-27-2009 5:35:02 PM CST
Garden Wise is playing regularly on JPEG community television in Jefferson, WI. On Charter Digital Cable, Jefferson's channel can be seen on channel 987 in Jefferson, Watertown, Oconomowoc, Whitewater, Cambridge, Waterloo and Fort Atkinson.

Donna Vitko
05-28-2009 10:54:08 PM CST
Hi Arlena How are you and the family? Haven't heard from you for a while. Just went through your websight. Looks great. Tell steve and Demi-Jo hi for us. Donna and Paul

Jane Simmons
07-06-2008 6:08:53 PM CST
Hello Arlena I saw you in Oregon durring a show you were taping at Monrovia Nurseries I love it can we get your show here in Oregon?.

05-10-2008 07:27:54 am CDT
Hello Jayne Thank you for writing. No Azaleas are not Edible. There are a lot of edible flowers and many sites that have larger lists than mine. I would of course search any flower before adding it to the menu. Defiantly NOT an Azalea. I would love to send you those copies. Green Blessings Arlena

05-10-2008 07:24:51 am CDT
Hi, I love your website Garden Wise with Arlena. I brought in a stem of my azaela plants that are now in bloom and my cat ate the flower off of it. Are azaela flowers an edible flower? Are the only edible flowers the ones you listed on your webside or are there more. I would love a copy of the shows on edible flowers and cooking with herbs and making dipping oil with fresh herbs. Thank you so much for your time, Jayne

02-26-2008 12:16:03 pm CST
Spring is coming will you be doing anything fun with bulbs? Thanks Linda

02-21-2008 12:41:18 pm CST
Sometimes I tape the shows so I can come home to watch you doing something crazy. Lots of my friends think I'm crazy, it's fun and exciting to see what you do next. Your fan, Stacie

Tina Disota
02-20-2008 01:43:03 pm CST
Garden Wise has been apart of our family, it's such a great way for me to be inspired. Thanks again for your hard work and great ideas.

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