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          Farmers Markets                                  


Farmers Market is defined as a public market at which farmers and often other vendors sell

 produce directly to consumers. Also called greenmarket.


Through out the years Farmers Markets have served as a meeting place for communities

to gather and ponder over the week’s events and happenings.

Surrounded by the vivid colors of fresh vegetables and the seasonal blooms Farmers Markets

continue to serve not only the Farmers who need an out let for there harvest but provide a source

of fresh and local grown products.


The importance of Organic and Local foods has become more and more evident if you read

and believe the writings and reports in the news. The knowledge of were our food comes from

 is again brought home by the media. It is up to all of us individually to take control of our lives

and be aware of were our food is coming from and how it is grown.  Only then can we be sure

 that we are getting what is good for our families.


We do research on buying a new car, choosing a college, picking the right hotel, so why then

do we not take more responsibility in choosing what goes into our bodies?


Take a moment and find the Farmers Markets, Green Markets and CO-OP  in your area,

support your Local Farmers.   Green Blessings Arlena