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Green Blessings?

Arlena Schott has been keeping things green for over 30 years.

Arlena watched in aw at how her Grandpa Edward P. Workman brought to life the hundreds of plants that Arlena learned to care for on the Ranch in Fallon Nevada.
Arlena watched and learned propagating techniques from a man who thought of learning as never ending.


Arlena opened her first business when she was 19 in Fallon Nevada, which she called Arlena's Garden Shop and Nursery. She also ran a landscaping business in Nevada for over 14 years and was a regular speaker at many Nevada garden clubs.

Arlena and her family moved to Wisconsin in 1995 where she again opened a landscaping business she named Arlena's Plantscape and  Design.
Arlena is a regular speaker at many of Wisconsin's Master Garden Clubs , Home and Garden Shows and travels across the country were she enjoys being able to share what she has learned during her 30 years in the landscaping and gardening business.

In September of 2002 Arlena approached her local TV station TCCTV, and asked them to please make an announcement on the watering regimen they would need to implement to insure the health of their plants after the long, hot dry summer.

The station manger asked her to do the segment and the date for the segment was selected.

The first episode was taped at The Schaefer Family Farm in Whitehall Wisconsin. After filming the segment the camera man who was also a producer at the station asked her if she would like a regular show.

And Garden Wise Living with Arlena the TV show was born.

Since then Arlena and her guests have been bringing all sorts of interesting information and destinations to her viewers.
Arlena's at home and get your hands dirty personality is carried forward in every segment and Arlena inspires and teaches in a way that leaves viewers wanting more.

Arlena is now a regular guest on the NBC WEAU TV 13 Today show with Judy Clark and Hello Wisconsin were she does informational segments on every thing from gardening, cooking and even some fun crafts.

Arlena says "Gardening isn't just a hobby, it’s a way of life that I love".



Winter is over and yet another year has begun.

For Garden Wise 2006 was full of many changes.

We expanded our Station listings to over 42 stations across the US as well as Ireland , Australia and now New Zealand.

My husband Steve and his friends along with many sponsors made it possible to record Original Music for the show.

We published our first Issue of our seasonal magazine Garden Wise ~Living Wise with Arlena and started our on line issue.


Through out the past year I am proud to say that I have met and become friends with so many wonderful people because of the TV series and magazine. I do know that our circle will continue to grow stronger with the passing of each year.

To my family and friends I would like to say Thank You. I do know with out you , there wouldn’t be such a strong circle to be connected to.

Happy New Year and Blessings to you all for a wonderful 2007.