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                    We appreciate the generous support from these fine companies .

                                       Thank you for your continued support.  







            Perfect for all your Miniature and Fairy Garden needs.




                Through out the season I do a lot of planting projects that guide you through the process of adding fun and colorful plants to your gardens.


I have come to know Monrovia Growers as being synonymous with exceptional plant material. They are dedicated to providing us gardeners with the best plants possible. Their breeders are always on the move in search of the newest perennials and shrubs for us to add to our gardens palette.


The Fall planting season is here, so when you see the name Monrovia, you can trust that you are getting the best there is in plants. Look for their name on the pot, or ask your garden Center if they can get you some of the best plants ………..Monrovia grown plants!    Arlena


 New Hampshire Hostas